Terms & Conditions

  • We carry out research using the most comprehensive and up-to-date methods currently available
  • Before starting any work for you, we will confirm our understanding of the project in writing to be undertaken and ensure agreement of this understanding with you before commencing the research
    We make no charge for your initial enquiry. This search is to determine whether there is enough material to carry out a full research report
  • If we are successful in our initial research, we will inform you and ask you which Research Option you would like. No payment will be required until the research is completed and the report ready to be sent to you.
Research, payment and delivery
  • Paid time includes research, analysis and reporting time
  • Research time includes time spent searching which might result into a negative outcome.  You will still be invoiced for the time spent researching records, as all research is payable, whether successful or not
  • We undertake to report the findings of the research with detailed sources of the information obtained. Where research is not successful, information will be provided as to the avenues that have been explored.
Completion of Research, Payment and Delivery Details
  • Once all research has been completed, a report will be produced
  • You will be sent an invoice for payment via Paypal or using another method of your choide
  • Once the payment is received, the report will be sent via mail in PDF format.
Errors and Omissions
  • We aim to produce the very highest quality research, and to present the customer with a report that they will be completely satisfied with
  • However, archival resources are not always reliable; family records can be inaccurate, misleading and handwriting can be difficult to decipher
  • Electronic databases can contain mis-transcriptions of surnames and other facts. It is therefore possible inaccuracies may occur in our work
  • If you believe there is a mistake in our research findings then please contact us with the full details. We may, at our discretion, be able to verify your findings and update your family tree or documents for you at no charge
  • If errors or omissions are discovered and found to be the result of misinformation provided by the customer, we are happy to arrange for reprinting of the report issued for an additional fee
  • If the customer wishes to terminate the research contract, they must inform Bloodlines Ancestry Research via email info@bloodlinesancestry.uk or phone (00 44 208 979 7810)
  • We will then calculate the amount of work carried out to date, and you will be invoiced for the work carried out so far, according to the agreed rate
  • All research work remains the property of Bloodlines Ancestry Research until full payment is received, at which point it is sent to you and becomes your property.
Refund of Payments Made
  • Payments are non-refundable. It is made when the research report is completed and ready to be sent
  • This is considered payment for services rendered and cannot be refunded.